BHvsBS Background

A Poetrical Production about black struggle and it’s distortion with black history.  We visit the past, present, and future of the black experience to come to some conclusions about where we need to be headed.  This play seeks to pose questions like, Who are We?, What Happen to Us?, Do we even care to Know?, and What can we do About It…?


The two, Roosevelt and Mocha, created an artistic movement group called IN-DIG-E-NOUS Teachers. A group of like-minded artist who uses their gifts to teach our community, specifically, our history and legacy and future. We are looking to have ongoing workshops from segments in the stage play, short films, home schooling assistance, and many more things long term. This is the first production to lead off a series of productions we are looking to bring to life in the future.


We need your help on this journey. We are asking for whatever you can donate to help us fund this venture. Anything helps and is welcome. We will continue to push forward to manifest this medium that we feel is desperately needed. The funds that we may graciously receive from this fundraiser will go toward production cost, venue rental, and artist fees. This will help us get closer to book a date for the production as well. We are thankful and humbled to receive any donations received and we thank you in advance. Roosevelt