ATFG (Art Taken For Granted Universe City) is a mentoring program used as an outlet for our valley youth to perform, learn and be empowered by musicians, poets, and actors who are very community oriented and who are positive influences socially. We look to provide stage productions involving the youth enabling them to express themselves and learn from our mentors, the commitment to their dreams, loving themselves, and to be responsible users of power. Our plays will make our youth aware of how powerful their expressions are and how they can change their environment with the use of the arts.

Mentoring thru the Arts

We believe in teaching a nation of children through the arts. The influence of the arts in it’s many forms is great on us and our children. The power it has to shape thinking, emotions, spirituality, growth, knowledge and so much more is a great responsibility we all have. We will do our best with the time we are given to commit to being responsible users of that power and to raise children that are aware of that and are provided with the tools they need on their journey. Stay connected for books, music, stage plays and a host more of ventures from Saucy Publishing.

This video represents my passion to teach and inspire the youth through my music. “Yes I am” is a testament to who one is and who they know they are in the present climate. To be able to re-assess their position in time and identify their purpose in connection with a common goal and outcome. It starts with one knowing thyself and their divinity to become responsible users of power.