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Saucy Publishing is a multimedia publishing company that provides services for those seeking Graphic Design, Logos, websites, E-Learning Course Development, and other creative media services.  Created by Roosevelt W. as an outlet for his creative skillset.

Fields of Expertise

Check out the areas where we can help bring your visions, ideas and more to existence!

Website Design

Graphic Design


Voice Overs

Website Design

We can help you create your website into the place you desire for your customers.

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Graphic Design Work

We can help with your graphic design services you may need for your business.  Helping you bring your vision to fruition is our goal!

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Multimedia Production

We can also help with any campaigns, marketing ads, video as well as e-learning solutions your business needs.

Voice Over Work

Need a voice to narrate your commercial, presentation, e-book, etc.  We may have to voice you need!

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